A Love Letter to Jeffree Star Cosmetics

oh the happiness when you order a product you absolutely want in your collection, already wanting to use it when the order confirmation hits your inbox and the need to use it gets worse and worse the longer you have to wait for it to arrive. besides all the establishes beauty brands that have been around for ages, i’m so happy to see so many new brands popping up left and right. one of those is jeffree star cosmetics which was launched by jeffree star himself. there always is some sort of controversy around him and i don’t want this blog post to make any room for that. i like seeing him and his brand as two very different things and i have to say, i do like him a lot. when i first got my paws on one of his velour liquid lipsticks, i couldn’t believe how amazing they are and how perfect everything about them is. when the holiday collection launched i knew i had to get some especially when my sister ordered some and it took some sweet time for them to arrive and i also was able to put them to a test and really get my mind around them so here we are, a love letter to jeffree star cosmetics.
the brand
jeffree star is a public figure and former musician who has been very well known from myspace. he launched his beauty brand jeffree star cosmetics with the aim to create the perfect liquid lipsticks, the velour liquid lipsticks. nowadays the range consists of not only the liquid lipsticks but also highlighters, an eyeshadow palette, highlighters and lip scrubs. all products are cruelty free and vegan. the whole collection is really bright, really well though through and also provides loads of unusual colours especially when it comes the velour liquid lipsticks and highlighters. 
the product
so far i only tried the velour liquid lipsticks. they aim to be the lightest and airiest formula whilst being highly opaque and perfect with one swipe. the liquid lipsticks retail for 18$ for 0.19 oz. a full ingredients list can be found on the website which is www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com . shipping is a flat rate of 10.95$ for international orders. the possibility of paying additional tax and customs on them is not covered. official retailers are beautybay and beautylish. the holiday collection launched in late november and i got the shades sagittarius, pumpkin pie and designer blood.

the colours
sagittarius is a very lovely mauve nude with grey and blue undertones. a kind of nude i love going for because despite being very neutral its still a statement if that makes any sense and it certainly would be a lovely colour if you want to make a statement with you makeup for work or if you are not into bright colours. orange lipsticks are my fave. i love them and i feel like they suit me really well so i had to get pumpkin pie which is a very lovely burned orange shade. it is a matte liquid lipstick but it has some red shimmer running through it and they make it look so much more lively on the lips and is such an amazing detail. the darkest shade i went for is designer blood. a very deep and rich true blood red with no purple or berry undertones. just what i love. just like pumpkin pie it has some sort of shimmer running through it. again, the shimmer makes it look more alive and turns it into a very lovely day time colour.
the formula 
let me tell you something, to me there is no liquid lipstick as good as the velour liquid lipsticks. they go on with one swipe, are opaque but creamy enough to make sure the colour sits nicely and dries matte quickly. when it dries, it feels so light and i do forget having it on. its just sits there without feeling heavy or drying. even the very dark designer blood feel like nothing is on my lips and its stays put. for hours and hours but its not a pain in the butt to remove. it all i ever wanted in a liquid lipstick and easily makes them my favourite liquid lipstick ever. the applicator just makes it all better. its very soft and quite brush like with a little dent and it makes everything go on like a dream. its perfect in every way, trust me.
to me, these liquid lipsticks are perfection. in every way and i can’t imagine a better liquid lipstick and yes, there are many other brand i like but no one comes even close. not at all. so dear jeffree star cosmetics, i love you.

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