Sunday Mood #42

happy sunday my loves. its another cosy december sunday and since its raining outside i’m all cuddled up on the sofa enjoying some christmas chocolate and also catching up on vlogmas. i’m still going strong on vlogmas and there will be a new one going up either tonight or tomorrow and i’m so excited about it. youtube has been a mess lately. my channel is tiny and yet i’m still so grateful about every single subscriber i have and because theres some sort of glitch, whenever i upload, i lose subscribers and i hate it. its so frustrating but i will keep on going. i usually don’t like to beg for subscribers as i want you to subscribe because you enjoy my content but it would mean the world if you could subscribe to my channel
what i did:
not much. i was pretty poorly and spend most of the week at home on the couch. i have been feeling poorly for a while put never really stopped doing things until it caught up with me last sunday and i have been feeling really bad all week. luckily i’m better now but thats the reason why vlogmas hasn’t been too interesting and i really didn’t get much up on this blog either so i hope i can make up for it next week.
what i didn’t do:
basically everything…i was too poorly to do anything from monday til thursday and had to work on friday and saturday so most things i wanted to do did not happen at all but its okay because i feel better now.
what i ate:
i actually haven’t had an appetite all week but i might have some lindt chocolate in a bit and that will be amazing for sure.
what i want to do next week:
its my last week of uni before christmas break so i will be at uni full time and i want to upload more videos and finally blog the way i want to which will be amazing. also, i have to get some last minute christmas gifts and i have to plan my christmas outfits and i want to enjoy the festive time and finally get a christmas tree.

one word to describe the past week:

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