Sunday Mood #41 + Video

happy first week of december and happy vlogmas. some of you might know that i decided to start vlogmas and i’m sharing my first episode with you in this post. i really want to do my best with doing vlogmas this year and i hope you will enjoy it but since i uploaded quite a few videos this week, i might share all of them with you here so you can have a little video watching session and maybe subscribe to my channel. one of the videos is a very special one. its the christmas tag out of the blogger whatsapp group i’m part of which is called The Blogging Friends. its a group of amazing young ladies and i’m so sooooo happy to be a part of it. so we decided to to a tag all about christmas and i will read all of the girls posts but now, lets talk about the past week.
what i did:
i basically started getting into the festive spirit big time. me and my grandma had an afternoon of baking christmas cookies, i did a spot of christmas shopping and present wrapping and my place is decorated all nicely. besides working being at uni i had a busy week filming and editing but i loved it so much.
what i didn’t do:
i basically got everything done i needed to do which is awesome. i just wish i made a bit more time to study but i will do that next week for sure.
what i ate:
since my grandma and i made a ton of cookies i had quite a few of them and i love having baked good around this time of the year. i might do a post on them soon.
what i want to do next week:
basically the same i did this week. felling festive,vlogging, filming and probably having a little christmas celebration and dinner with friends which i’m very looking forward to. i also want to check out a few different christmas markets and do a spot of shopping at primark maybe.
one word to describe past week:

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