Salted Caramek Hot Chocolate

december is the month to just enjoy everything chocolate and sweet. baking, sweets and treats which is not good for a potential summer 2017 body but still, every now and then i feel like treating myself to something sweet. hot chocolate certainly is very festive and cosy and just something to enjoy when being snuggled up on the sofa after a long day of work, which is me at the moment, or with friends for a festive gathering and gift giving. since regular hot chocolate is amazing as it is and you might want something a bit extra in december i’m sharing my salted caramel hot chocolate recipe with you. it is a heavy and quite sweet drink which i certainly won’t have every single day but as a treat to soothe all your sweet craving and to make you feel all cosy inside, its amazing and just so good. if you want to try this yourself, you will need:
• milk, one cup for one person and more cups for more
• cocoa powder of your choice and as much as you like
• caramel sweets, i used soft toffee ones and about 3 per cup
• a pinch of sea salt
• whipped cream to top it
get a sauce pan and add the milk and cocoa powder and heat it up over a medium heat. that way it gets warm but it won’t burn as easily or make a giant mess in the kitchen when you have to check out vlogmas on youtube and can’t watch it. when everything starts to heat up, add the caramel sweets and keep on stirring until everything is melted together. now add the salt and taste it to make sure its not too salty. put the hot chocolate in your favourite festive mug and add whipped cream. if you want you can add cocoa powder and a bit of caramel to decorate it. now enjoy your salted caramel hot chocolate and let me know what you think.

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