Happy Nikolaus Day

happy nikolaus day my loves. i know, not everyone celebrates it but in germany we do and it has been on of my favourite holidays ever since. its so nice that its right before christmas and marks the first chance to gift little things. i used to be just so excited when i was little. now that i don’t live at home anymore, i was even more surprised to find a bag full of gifts in front of my door this morning. my parents must have put them there yesterday night and i was just so happy. especially because i’m quite poorly at the moment. my parents basically packed me a huge gift bag filled with chocolates, thick socks and pamper products. the tradition is, for those of you who don’t know, to clean your shoes on december 5th and put them in front of your door and in the night, the nikolaus comes to fill up the clean shoes with chocolates and little gifts. so i was just so happy to wake up to such a lovely surprise. not only did i find a ton of lindt chocolate but also very thick wool socks from a very nice company my mum has been buying from for ages. because i love to bathing and all the bath products i had tons of bath salts and bombs in there. most of them are christmas scented and i love it. also, i love bees wax candles. they burn so nicely and smell so sooo good and i found a new one in my gift bag which i was so excited about. i’m so grateful to have my parents. my mum will come round in a bit to bring me some medicine and yeah. sorry for the short post but i feel very poorly but i wanted to get a post up for you. i hope you are good.

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