Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

Anthropologie Wishlist

there are just shops i'm obsessed with even though they are not really my price range. one of them is anthropologie. i just love their homeware and just unique and cosy style and i'm basically lusting over buying basically every single thing so since i had an evening of creating a wishlist of all the things i would buy if i was a rich girl, i decided to share them with you in this post. home decor has always been a passion of me, i guess. my mum has always been into decorating and my sister and i always helped her with it so we kinda got it from her. one of the best things about living alone is being able to decorate constantly. i love adding little things to my place and changing rooms just slightly and i have two projects i want to take on. the first one is my bathroom which will be hard because its just not what i want at all but my wardrobe is gonna be a fun one. anyway, here i'm sharing little pieces and details i would love to add. most are for my kitchen which is because its one of my favourite places in my flat and i love having a detailed and pretty kitchen. so theres not much to say about this post other than me wanting everything so i hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

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