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i swear to god, youtube makes you poor. blogging makes you poor. you are bombarded with all those amazing products that would make your face look better for sure and yes, you need 10 more red lipsticks in your collection but i still enjoy it so much. on a brighter note, i actually bought many, many, many amazing products just because a beautiful girl showed it in a 10 minute video and i’m not ashamed. actually, 90% of my make up collection is probably there because of youtube or some type of blog so i decided i would dedicate an entire video and vlog posts just for products i bought because of youtube and i love a lot. i narrowed it down to a few so this post actually makes sense to read and i hope you enjoy it. you can also subscribe to my channel here.
one product i had for ages had to be in here. it looks battled and has seen better days but it just means so much to me. its the urban decay naked palette. the original one. i saw this palette when i first got into youtube ages ago in a dulce candy tutorial and i needed it. urban decay was not available here, in fact they only launched last year. so when i went to new york in 2012, i grabbed it and its such a great item and i love it deeply. mine looks so bad now and i think i really have to get myself a new one soon.
for my actual face, there is trio of products i could not go without and youtube made me buy it for sure. its the nars sheer glow foundation. i never heard of nars before i decided to get it and everyone and their mother used and hyped it up and when i first got mine in the post i was so excited to see what all the hype was about and let me tell you, it was a magical experience. its such a perfectly glowy and perfecting foundation. i never want to run out of it and repurchase it over and over again. a product from the drugstore i never would have gotten without youtube is the classic collection concealer. collection is not available in german drugstores but when every single uk based youtuber kept using it, i knew i had to have it and my parents actually brought it back from england once and i haven’t looked back since. it truly is the best drugstore concealer ever. usually i’m not a huge powder person because i hate looking too matte and just cakey and i never had a powder i loved until one of my favourite people on youtube, alix from icovetthee, featured it as it was the hype product. it was an hourglass ambient lightning powder. its just magic in a pot. yes, its crazy expensive for a powder but its amazing. it sets the foundation but it makes me look so glowy and almost airbrushed. its magical and when i bought it for myself in space nk in bath i was over the moon.
one brand i would certainly not have known of without youtube and blogs, is charlotte tilbury so i had to feature my favourite product from her range which is the filmstar bronze & glow. i saw amelia liana using it and i needed it so i got it at selfridges in london when me and a friend went for a shopping trip. its so good. mine is broken now. the bronzer fell out and the highlight is barely there so i really have to get myself a new one anytime soon. it makes even my fair skin look sun kissed without making me look muddy and its amazing.
lip products are my favourite in general and i had a hard time narrowing this down but the three i decided to go with mean so much to me and wouldn’t have been in my collection without the wonderful world of social media. first one is a mac lipstick. mac was huge back in the day and  still love mac today and one shade was all the hype. its russian red. to me its the perfect red and i wear it so much still. i think i got it because of zoella and anyone else raving about it. its a blue tones classic red shade and works with everything. jeffree star cosmetics has been the hype this year, i feel and i had to get a liquid lipstick myself when i saw unicorn blood. i have never seen a lipstick like it. its such a deep wine colored red and its so sooooo beautiful. also, the formula is the best i have come across. its so light and opaque and just the best one out there. trust me. now onto the one that kinda means the most to me. its the kevyn aucoin matte lip cream in forever. i never came across a better shade of pink. its just amazing and so beautiful. a hot pink with a warm undertone and the most comfortable formula ever. again, it was alix who showed it in a video and i literally lost my shit. i needed it and when my boyfriend gifted it to me for my birthday i almost cried. its just so pretty.
here we go. this turned into a very long post all of the sudden so i’m very sorry but i hope you enjoyed it anyway. what are products you bought because of youtube? let me know.

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