Sonntag, 13. November 2016

Sunday Mood #38

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it truly feel like winter is here. i just got back from a walk and its freezing cold but so sunny and i love it. most people probably prefer the warmer months but i actually like autumn and winter so much more and i have no problems with it being quite frosty outside. because december is very close, i'm already planning my festive decor and making my place extra cosy. usually i don't do too much of a seasonal decor but when christmas rolls around, i can't stop myself. luckily my boyfriend likes a cosy and christmassy place to so theres no one stopping me. i'm actually already planning my christmassy posts so if you have any ideas or requests, please let me know and i will make sure to include them in december which is one of my favourite months blogging wise. also, vlogmas might happen too.

what i did:
obviously i had to go to uni as always but i also decided to start working in retail again. just over december and i signed my contract on friday and i'm beyond happy. not only will i be able to save up some more money but also, i just missed working so much and yeah, i'm just happy about that. i also managed to finally meet up with my friend who has been away in china for three months and i finally, finally uploaded on youtube again. you can watch my video here.

what i didn't do:
i actually did everything i wanted to do which always excites me and i hope i can stay as productive as i can.

what i ate:
all the christmas chocolate is out and my favourite chocolate brand milka has brought out a snowball range and everything is to die for. i know, its a bit too early to eat all the christmassy chocolate but hey ho. i did it anyway. also, starbucks has brought out there red cups and i already had a cheeky toffee nut latte.

what i want to do next week:
obviously keep up youtube and the blog and also make sure i have enough time to study. i'm also starting my new job on thursday and i can't wait. i'm gonna make sure everything goes smoothly and i'm just so excited.

one word to describe the past week:


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