Let’s get Cosy

winer is truly here. the past days i have been waking up to frozen roofs and leafs. it gets dark so quickly now and i really have to wrap myself up in order to not freeze to death when i leave the comfort of my flat to get to uni or work. personally, i can deal with the cold much better than with heat and theres nothing better than getting all cosy as soon as you get back home. not only do i prefer cosy nights in during the week anyway, i just like lighting candles and enjoying the darker days that way. i know, many people feel depressed or unmotivated whenever it gets darker but i actually don’t. i feel like its time to be closer to be the people you love and just enjoy the calm and cosy. i love lighting candles and having fairy lights going. since i’m quite a homey person as it is, i like making my flat all cosy and comforting for me and the boy and everyone who likes to visit. so in todays post, i want to share some cosy essentials with you guys.
whenever i had a long day at uni or out, i like to get out of my normal clothes and put something cosy on. whenever we are getting closer to december i like to get out my festive comfy pants and i have this really soft one vom primark. its almost like dressing in a blanket and i love it. any type of comfy pant will do for me but i feel instantly more cosy. also, if i have my comfy pants on, i will not leave the house again.
because it has been freezing outside. i like to warm myself up with a nice cup of hot tea. one if have been loving is a caramel apple pie tea. its so good. it tastes just like a pie or a dessert itself. its unreal. i have quite a sweet tooth but sometimes i don’t feel like having an actual treat. this is when i grab the kind of tea especially. its just amazing.
yes, i love pamper nights but there not for day to day life. sometimes i can’t be bothered to have a long bath and do all the masks but a mini pamper for me is doing my nails. it just makes me feel better and its quite a bit of fun. lately, i have been loving some glitter and rose gold in general. so as a base i love essie buy me cameo and a cut above on top. both look amazing with each other. i also like finishing up with hand cream and i use my kiehls ultimate strength hand salve. when my nails are done and i have my cuppa with me, its time for me to read some magazines. at the moment i have been getting quite a few baking ones because i do wanna do quite a bit of baking as soon as december rolls around. i can’t wait.
here we go. some of my cosy essentials. what are yours? let me know if you like winter as much as i do.

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