Christmas Giveaway with Caseapp

if you have been around for a bit, you will probably know that i worked with a brand called caseapp on this blog before and i loved it so when the lovely girls at caseapp contacted me again in order to collab again, i was over the moon. i’m a little tiny blogger and the fact that i actually get contacted by brands blows my mind. big internet people might be laughing right now but i don’t care. this is special to me and being able to provide a giveaway for you just before christmas makes me so happy. if you aren’t aware, caseapp is an online service which provides custom phone cases and laptop skins. you basically choose your model and design whatever design you want you can pick one of their premade ones but also be creative. i went for a very christmassy design on my phone and it looks so good. their cases are not really the most protective ones but they are so fun and you can actually pick an extra protective case if thats important to you. they do most iphone and samsung models. their skins cater towards even more phones and laptops and because i wanted to be a basic blogger,  i went for a marble design to spice up my trusty macbook. both items came in so quickly and the skin was easy to put on and i’m not diy pro but it went on bubble free and so quickly, so i’m happy about that. 
so before we start the giveaway, caseapp also provided me with a 20% off code so you can get your caseapp product and save a bit of money. the code is:

okay, so for the giveaway you will be able to get a product of your choice from the caseapp website and spice up your phone or laptop or maybe get a gift for someone you love. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

so i hope you are as excited about this giveaway as i am. let me know what you think and i hope we can do more giveaways in the future.


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