Sunday Mood #36

and october is almost over. where is this year going? to be honest, 2016 has not been the one for me but it quite scary how quick it seems to go by but christmas is ahead of us and i’m very, veeeery excited to say the least. this week has been loaded with uni work and feeling all over the place. i hate feeling out of the loop and weird and insecure about me and my online content and its making me quite upset really. i just hope i will be back to normal next week. other than that, the week just flew by and i have no idea where my days went so i’m having the most calm sunday and i have to admit, i’m already looking for christmas decor online and i’m just fine with it because i want to update my decor game a bit and make sure the flat is super christmassy once december rolls around. can’t wait.
what i did:
uni was obviously high on the agenda and i had a busy but yet productive week. this week also included buying a heck ton on books and spending a fortune on them but hey ho, education is an investment right?! i also took care of my boyfriend who has been very poorly and obviously i had to go to a halloween party. we had such a great night but it took me serious ages to peel off all the fake blood.
what i didn’t do:
i was actually not too happy with my online activities and i really, really have to figure myself out perfectly but at least i managed to get one post up but still, i want to do better.
what i ate:
my food just gets more boring by day basically but i’m currently obsessed with a kind of yoghurt from iceland. its called skyr and its so soooo good. i get the honey one and i can’t get enough. if you can get it where you live, do it.
what i want to do next week:
film, blog and get back into the swing of things and most importantly, i can’t wait to see a friend of mine who just got back from china. i missed her so much and want to see her asap.
one word to describe the past week:

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