Sunday Mood #35

hello my loves…phew. that was a week. it was back to uni week for me so i was in class all week and actually, i was so happy to be back. its just so good to go somewhere every day and have a purpose too. my classes seem fun so far and i feel like its gonna be a good semester. it will be very stressful too but i’m looking forward to it. this sunday mood might be a special one because i need your help! there are so many thing i want to change. first off, i have the urge to just get rid of 90% of my clothes and start fresh again. i feel like my style changed and most things in my wardrobe i not what i want anymore. i really would love to donate most to charity but also sell some to fill up my wardrobe again. let me know what you think of that. the second one is a bit of a different one and its regarding my youtube channel…its not what i want it to be at all and i actually don’t want to make videos anymore because its not what i want it to be…so i might relaunch my channel all new and put a lot more in it. what do you think? please help me guys!
what i did:
uni, obviously. i started all my classes and i’m always so tired after the first weeks because i’m not used to all the mental work anymore but i just love being back and i want to make the most out of this semester. despite being out and about all week, i actually managed to update my blog and i’m quite happy with myself. after working on friday too, i had quite a chill week end. my boyfriend has a cold so we stayed home and just relaxed.
what i didn’t do:
gym…but i was out all week and i really had no energy. and i didn’t film but yeah…just not feeling my channel at the moment but i really want to do something about it. with your help hopefully.
what i ate:
nothing exciting to be honest. lots of easy meals like salads and pasta dishes because i was so tired after uni and when i’m tired and hangry, theres no time for fancy cooking but i had time to do some baking today and i can’t wait for a slice of cake.
what i want to do next week:
be as consistent with blogging whilst being at uni and i have a big halloween party to go to and i’m so excited. all my friends are going so i think it will be a good week coming up.
one word to describe the past week:

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