Sunday Mood #34

happy sunday my loves and thank you so soooooooo much for 200 followers on bloglovin’. it literally means the world to me. you have no idea how much happiness you and this blog brings me and its so sooo rewarding when i feel like you guys enjoy it too. this sunday mood comes quite late because this week has been so busy. i had so many appointments and went out friday and saturday which is very unlike me. vlogtober is also not ready to go live because i decided to film today too because there wasn’t much footage but i will make sure to get it up within the next few days even though i have to go back to uni  on monday. not too excited to be fair but you gotta do what you gotta do. also, the pictures in this post are via pinterest because i just got back from ikea and i decided to add way more house plants into my flat to make it just greener so i hope it goes well.
what i did the past week:
just so many appointments. i had two sets of builders coming to my place and two different days which took up a whole day. i went to work and also tried to tie in blog work and filming which was a lot. on friday i went out for drinks with my bestie and my boyfriend and i were invited to a birthday and we had so much fun. so it has been a good week and now i’m ready to take a bath.
what i didn’t do:
chill out before uni takes off again which means i’ll be hella stressed but hey ho. i’m gonna survive it. i also didn’t go to the gym ones which makes me quite sad…i hope i can back to a normal schedule next week.
what i ate:
i weirdly obsess over foods so quickly and at the moment i can’t get enough of yoghurt and fruit topped with granola and honey. its my favourite breakfast at the moment. its seriously so good and keeps me full for long.
what i want to do next week:
survive my first week of uni…thats the main goal and on top of that i want to keep my blog and channel updated. its gonna be a lot but i’m sure i can do it.

one word to describe the past week:

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