Sunday Mood #33 + Vlogtober #1

‘ello you loves. i’m back with a sunday mood and i’m really sorry that there wasn’t one last week but we are back at it this week. can we just take a moment for my favourite trio of months? october, november and december. i’m just so excited. thats the reason why i decided to take part in vlogtober. not daily but i will be doing weekly vlogs at least and i really enjoyed my first week at it so i hope you do too. make sure to watch the video, subscribe and tell me what you think. the past week has been a good one. i feel like so much more sure about what content i want to do and i just get so excited about everything that will happen in the future which is a good feeling i guess.
what i did:
my week basically consisted of filming, blogging going to the gym and just doing what i love to do. it was also a german holiday on monday so i went to see my family and just enjoyed myself.

what i didn’t do:
mentally prepare myself for uni. my semester starts at the 17th and i’m not ready. its gonna be such a busy semester and i’m dreading to go back. i really have to figure a schedule out because i want to keep on blogging and uploading on a regular and its gonna be hard. really hard.
what i ate:
nothing too exciting to be honest buuuut i’m about to make burgers for todays lunch. my boyfriend and i try to be healthy throughout the week but as its sunday and you gotta treat yourself and i haven’t had burgers for so long.
what i want to do next week:
enjoy my last week of my break and plan out my content as much as i can. i really want to make sure i can have one solid blogging day a week so i can make sure to have enough content. uni is important to me but at the same time i don’t want to leave it behind when i get busy. its not gonna happen.
one word to describe the past week:

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