Lush Halloween

you guys know how i feel about lush…i love it and their seasonal stock just gets me every damn time. even though the christmas stock is already there i decided to go for what was left of the halloween stock and post about is before the festive season rolls around fully. the reason why i get very excited, especially about lushs halloween and christmas stock, about lush is because nothing in this world relaxes me more than a long and hot bath. i’ve always been a bath person and lush just makes every bath a million times better. also, as soon as its getting colder outside i prefer baths so much more and would soak in them for ages to be honest. now, i don’t want to bore you to death about how much a love baths so i will just get into the products i got. i really wanted to get the monster ball but it was sold out, sadly.
one thing i wanted so bad that i instantly grabbed the last one is autumn leaf bath bomb. its new out this year and what is more autumn like than leafs changing colour? the colours of the bath bomb just look like autumn. i instantly noticed its very fresh and clean smell. its supposed to smell like fresh cut grass and it does smell very unlike every other lush bath bomb i ever tried. i actually can’t wait to see all the colours spreading in my bath and i will be using this one soon.
normally, i don’t go for bath melts most of the times and i think i should. my skin gets so dry and bath melts just make my skin feel amazing. boo bath melt just looks too cute to not buy. its contains cocoa butter and mandarin oil and smells so soothing and just like spa in a ghostly shape. i actually can’t wait to use this one when i want to feel extra cosy.
lord of misrule bath bomb doesn’t look too exciting but the scent…oh my god. i never smelled something this good. it contains patchouli and black pepper and has such a rich and lovely deep warm scent. it almost a bit like a perfume and i love it. the green coating covers a red center and i bet it looks amazing in my bath.
the most halloween looking product has to be the pumpkin bath bomb. i mean, how much more halloween do you want? it contains vanilla and cinnamon which makes a typical autumn and pumpkin like scent and i love it. it could be a bit more spicy but oh well.
have you tried the lush halloween collection so far and what do you think? also, i’ll probably goo crazy on the christmas collection so get ready for that.

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