Living Room Details

one of my many obsessions and passions is interior design and i love nothing more than decorating my little flat. and by little, i mean little. i’m probably never finished and i will always move thing s around. when i first toured my flat, the living room was the one room that made the whole thing perfect. its big, tall ceilings, hard wood floors and i love it just as much as i did back then. i like to keep furniture white and bright with accents of pastels, copper and silver and little trinkets all around. my place will never be sleek and all organized. its cosy with one or two tea cups always sitting somewhere. currently i’m working on my desk decor and its not done at all so i hope i’ll get it done before the new year starts. in todays post, i thought it would be fun to show you some details of my living room with a little seasonal decor on my fake fireplace. i just love reading posts about people home and i hope you enjoy this one too. its a short post today because uni is in full force but hey ho, i hope you enjoy it anyway.

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