Keeping my Make Up in Place

nothing is more annoying than doing your make up all nice and pretty and when you are checking it in the mirror a few hours later its all messy and gone. no more blush and the highlight is not really on fleek anymore. to be honest, nothing frustrates me more and as a make up lover i want to make sure my make up stays in place and most importantly, i don’t want to keep touching it up and when i’m out and about at uni, i really don’t want to think about it too much. as some of you might know, i hate german drugstores with a passion. nothing compares to the us and uk ones in my opinion but when i went out to buy new heads for my electric toothbrush (wild, i know) i saw that they are having a small stock of make up revolution now. make up revolution is one of my favourite affordable make up brand. their palettes are amazing and everything i tried was amazing and can compete with my high end items easily. as i’m on a bit of a make up spending ban, there was only one thing i treated myself too and it was one thing i was missing in my routine lately. its the make up revolution pro fix amazing make up fixing spray. a mouthful. the bottle contains 100ml and retails for about 7€ which is an amazing price considering i used the urban decay all nighter before which is 28,99€.
the bottle is nice and sturdy and i love the all so trendy rose gold details, the spray comes out very finely. the only downside is the smell. it smells very weird and a bit like plastic but the scent only linger for a few seconds. it dries quickly and most importantly, it keeps my make up in place. all day, every day. even after a long day our, i feel like my make up is still there, my blush looks great and its still looks like my skin at the same time if that makes any sense. it locks my make up in place and i don’t have to worry about it all day long or keep on touching up and i love it. its affordable and it does what its supposed to do and if you are on the hunt for a good setting spray i would highly recommend this one. 
have you tried this setting spray and what do you think? let me know and i’m very sorry for being all over the place, uni has started but i will be back to normal soon.

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