Halloween Excitement

halloween is right around the corner and its a special day, really. not only is it halloween but also my granddads birthday on the same day but in today post its not all about my lovely granddad, despite the fact i could write an entire book about him, its about my joy for halloween. i always get excited when i open youtube because all those insanely talented and beautiful ladies are killing it with the tutorials and i just get excited to dress up. to be fair, i always loved dressing up ever since i was a kid and when my mum told me about halloween, i was the first one in primary school to throw a halloween party and i loved it. nowadays i celebrate halloween with all my friends and we dress up. since we grew out of the sexy kitten and bunny phase, we actually wan’t to look quite scary and its a lot of fun. i already know what i will be doing to myself to look extra spooky and will do a video/post about it all soon but todays post is just all about the excitement.
one thing i only tried out wigs for halloween last year and i’m convinced. this beautiful pastel pink one is from amazon and its so affordable. candy cotton pink hair has always been a dream of mine and a wig just adds so much to any costume from simple to full on. if you plan to hit town on halloween i can not recommend a wig enough. you don’t have to worry about coming home with messy hair or styling your hair in general and i hate the smell my hair has when i come home from a party. this doesn’t happen with a wig and i love it. 
you can obviously go all out and buy special effects make up but for me, even though i’m a make up lover, theres no point in doing that. again, amazon comes in and i bought very nice and cheap face paint and its so good but my make up collection is big and i have so many things i can use. i have some primark glitter which i would love to use all over my face. bright and fun lipsticks are always a good choice. rimmel does such nice vampy shades and when in doubt, just add some eyelure lashes and some kitten ears and you are all good.
do you have any plans for halloween this year? let me know your plans and what costume you have in mind.

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