Autumn Make Up

make up just gets better when it gets colder outside. no melting down the face, dark lips are a thing again and i’m basically in my element. so i decided to film a little autumn make up tutorial because i’m so in the mood to wear autumnal make up every second of my life basically. doing full faces of make up is fun to me as long as i can wear them comfortably all day long. berry tones are obviously a must and i love it.
i am an eyeshadow palette hoarder…no joke. i have too many and still so many more in my never ending make up wishlist and sometimes i forget to use certain ones. the makeup revolution ones are the ones that i keep on forgetting about. the iconic pro 1 is beautiful and such a lovely palette. it has an amazing cranberry colour in it and also amazing shades of gold which i used in the look too.
one berry colour i always go back to is one i bought ages ago basically. it by kiko and its a watercolour shadow in 105 cyberberry. its a way more glittery and almost chrome toned eyeshadow and makes every cranberry eye look pop and its just so soooo pretty. i had it for years and its probably a bit old now but i don’t see why i should replace it at all.
makeup revolution does great make up all in all and their face palettes are just out of this world. i love their sugar & spice palette because i like looking like a glazed doughnut and all of the highlighters are just what i want in life basically. my skin gets so dull when its cold outside so highlighter is a must for every autumnal make up look. obviously…OBVIOUSLY i have to use diva by mac. is it even autumn without diva? i don’t think so! its just the perfect dark red. its not really berry toned, at least not as much and i love it.
i hope you like the look i created and let me know what you think. what are your essentials for a nice autumnal make up look?

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