A Favourite Scent

i never tried writing about perfumes before because i’m not good at describing scents at all bit who is really? even though i love scents and perfumes a lot i never featured them on my blog but today i want to write about my favourite scent. one that i have been wearing for years and repurchased too. its a classic and its the chloé eau de parfum. when i was 15 years old i smelled it for the first time and its safe to say, i never smelled everything like it before. it is a floral scent with notes of roses, freesias, peonies and also magnolia and lily of the valley but its not sweet at all. it also contains sandalwood and is describes as being powdery which i normally makes perfumes smell kind of old but this ones powdery notes just makes it perfect. its such a unique scent and whenever someone is wearing it, i know. 
its a scent that makes me feel sophisticated but also feminine at the same time. i feel put together and ready for the day but its also dreamy and has a strong character to it. its a young and powerful scent but can be worn at any age and any time of day. its not a particular evening scent, i wear it basically every time of the day because its not too light to be a night time scent but not too dark and musky. if it was a season, it would be spring and i love that. for me its the type of scent that makes my friends think of me which is so lovely.
i know chloé is quite a popular scent and its well loved by many and rightly so. it is a lovely scent. however, i would recommend smelling it in person and testing it for yourself at it is so unique and strong but i love it and i will keep on wearing it forever probably.

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