Sunday Mood #32

if there were different editions of the sunday mood this would be the london edition. yes, i went back to my favourite city in the world and had a grand time to say the least. everytime i hop on a plane to fly out to the uk, london especially, it manifests my wish to one day live there myself. i want to live in london for a bit and when the smoke of the buzzing city gets too much for me, i might even want to dip my toes into english countryside living. its seriously weird to me how much i enjoy myself there and how my heart feels so at home. i’m just willing to work really hard in order to make this dream of mine com true and i think this blog will be there when it becomes my reality so you will be part of the journey if you wish. so lets sm up this awesome past week:
what i did:
i flew out to london tuesday morning and my time there started with a very nice and affordable hotel room, coffee chats with my friend and a former co worker of her and a long walk around london sights. we also hit up oxford street for the first time and had a lovely dinner at wagamama. the next day we had another lovely day starting with a breakfast in nottinghill, wandering around and admiring the cute houses. also, we explored the sky garden and walked along the thames followed by the best afternoon tea at panty 108. its was truly amazing. there wasn’t much time to do much on our last day but we had breakfast in the kensington gardens and rented some bikes. it was the best trip ever. now i’m home and i’m actually quite sick but oh well. glad to be back with my boyfriend but i’d rather be in london with him.
what i didn’t do:
much blogging and filming but since i was away, thats completely fine. i will be back in full form next week. big promise right here.

what i ate:
all the food in london. wagamama is my fave and their food never fails to make me happy. we also had the best experience with their service since my friend is gluten intolerant. the manager at the oxford street branch was beyond helpful and so lovely. also, if you want to treat yourself to a nice afternoon tea in london, hit up pantry 108. it was so cozy and lovely, they had a whole gluten free option and their tea was to die for.
what i want to do next week:
i want to try daily blogging and get my channel on a schedule finally. so i’m thinking about blogging daily except for saturdays and uploading thursdays and sundays. let me know what you think about that.
one word to describe the past week:

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