Sunday Mood #30

another week is done and dusted. as you know, i can’t wait for autumn to be here and guess what? it was boiling hot all week. so instead of being happy about the colder days i got my grumpy ass down to the lake to chill in the water with my doughnut floaty and it was nice actually but i still want to wear big scarfs and coats but hey ho, my time will come right? its not gonna be next though because next week its gonna be around 30 degrees every single day…i’m not excited but lets not talk about the heat too much and more about my past week:
what i did:
it was a pretty usual week for me. blogging, filming and i went to the gym and i felt very good about it. i also managed to see friends and had such a nice day shopping with my boyfriend yesterday.
what i didn’t do:
i didn’t film as much as i wanted to which is sad but i’m trying to make up for it next week. if you have any video requests, let me know.
what i ate:
i had such a nice rice and chicken dish yesterday and i’m still dreaming about it. rice is just my thing at the moment. i could eat it every day with everything.
what i want to do next week:
film, blog, work out and prepare myself for a little trip coming up on the 20th. i will be flying out to london with two friends and i’m so super excited. london is my favourite city ever and i can’t wait to be back…i already don’t want to leave.
one word to describe the past week:

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