Sonntag, 4. September 2016

Sunday Mood #29

its september and many people are moaning about summer fading and how quickly time passes but i'm just excited. autumn and winter always get me feeling so festive. i can't wait for autumn themed videos, blog posts and same goes for winter especially christmas. so if you have any suggestions for videos or blog posts, let me know and i will do them for sure. this week i feel a bit like a slob writing this...i only publishes one blog post and i'm pissed at myself. to be fair, i had a lot going on, but still. i need to have a set blog office day so i can write all my posts for the week so i hope next week will be better on the blogging front.

what i did:
i went to my mums office quite a bit to help her get work done, i went to the gym basically every day and my boyfriend and i had a massive clear out of the flat which is still going. we just have too much stuff everywhere and i also managed to see some friends. also, i uploaded two videos to my channel so far and another one might go live today if i finish editing it.

what i didn't do:
blogging...i feel like slob and i really want to step up my blogging game so bad so i hope i can do that. i need to figure out a schedule for myself and i hope i can figure myself out that way.

what i ate:
still eating very healthy and i love it. for some reason i find apples or apple sauce to help whenever i want something sweet and that way i don't feel like eating chocolate at all.

what i want to do next week:
blog, film and keep up my gym routine so wish me luck.

one word to describe the past week:


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