My Autumn Plans

i love how seasonal the blogger community is and how everyone gets so excited as soon as autumn rolls around and i’m certainly excited myself. i’ve never been a summer person because i can’t cope with the heat and humidity. being able to wrap up in a big and cosy scarf and enjoying myself outside without melting away is ideal for me. not only are the choices of fashion much more and my make up will stay in place for once. autumn always marks change for me and getting back to myself. i tend to focus on my goals a lot more and i just feel so much more comfortable in my skin and i have quite a few lovely thing planned this autumn and i felt the need to share them with you.
it bothers me so much that i don’t really have a schedule for my blog or my channel. blog posts here and there and a video sometimes too…its just not enough for me and i want to take my online spots seriously and i want you guys to know when to expect what. so its now time to come up with a set schedule. i’m thinking about blogging daily except on saturdays and i want to upload twice a week on thursdays and sundays so let me know what you think.
home decor is my thang and even though i decorate and move things around all year i really want to get everything even more cosy for the colder months. once again i want to try myself at a few diy decor pieces and have such cute ideas for pumpkin decor. candles, pillows and fluffy blankets are a must obviously and if you want i can do posts and videos about my seasonal decor. obviously i will go all out when december rolls around.
there are so many things planned, let me tell you. first off all, its my mums birthday on the 1st of october, i’m invited to a very big and glam wedding, its halloween and also my granddads birthday on the same day. phew. so many outfits i need to plan and i want to go all out for the wedding and for halloween. theres an annual halloween party going on and its such a joy every single year. i’m just looking forward to many thing to celebrate.
tis the season
i know, its a christmassy season but i want to tis autumn too and just do all the seasonal bits. i want to drink my body weight in pumpkin spice lattes, i want to go apple picking, snapping the new lush halloween collection, upgrading my wardrobe to fit the season. i want to all the baking and pumpkin carving and everything autumnal and obviously share all of it with you. since i want to blog more theres a lot of time to share it with you all. i just can’t wait.
do you have anything planned for the upcoming season? let me know what and also, let me know if you are as excited for autumn as i am.

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