Lush Christmas Sneak Peek

in never heard of the lush show case before, until i saw a becca rose vlog on youtube and it looked like heaven for every lush fanatic. its basically a massive lush event were lush presents all their autumn and winter stock. to me, lush releases the best items in the colder months and i always get way too excited for their autumn and christmas stock so i was very sad to be missing the lush showcase by just a week. however, lush at oxford street made it all up again. they had everything in stock and it was blown away. in fact, i was very close to a heart attack and really had to calm down for a few seconds. its safe to say that i wanted everything but i only bought a few of the christmas range. some that just seemed so perfect to me and christmas might be months away but lets forget that for a second and just enjoy this little lush christmas sneak peek together.
never mind the ballistics
when i saw this beautiful little one i had to have it. it seems to be like a mix between a bath bomb and bath melt. its supposed to be filled with essential oils which is released from the pink part of it whilst the yellow one will fizz up just like every regular bath bomb. it smells very sweet but its a very warm sweetness but its fruity at the same time. theres something really comforting about the scent.
how perfect are those colours? i love the pink and light blue and even though it doesn’t look like a mistletoe, it will surely make the bath look amazing. because the christmas stock is not out really, i don’t have a good description but it has quite typical lush christmas scent. it very snow fairy like and i can only imagine the beautiful colours it will create in my bath. i will make sure to report back on it.
shoot for the stars
as fair as i’m concerned, this bath bomb has been out the past year too but in a way different design. since intergalactic is my favourite bath bomb ever, i always get the ones looking similar. this bright blue bath bomb has a set of three gold stars in it which, i think, will come out as soon as it starts to fizz. maybe you can wash with them but who knows? it has a very similar scent as intergalactic. a bit fresher and more unisex. my boyfriend loves the scent of intergalactic so thats a plus.
i had to have this one…who wouldn’t? its a david bowie snowman and he is so cute. sadly, in transition from london back to berlin, the little lightning on his belly fell off but its still so adorable and its the only bubble bar i got. the scent is not very lush like. a bit deeper and more manly. it almost has a hint of aftershave in it and is probably something your boyfriend would like to use too. i can also smell a bit of lime but i really like it and he is just too cute.
here we go. christmas comes early on this blog and i love it. i hope you enjoyed this post and i know me, i will go crazy as soon as the full range hits my local stores and will blog about all of them.

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