Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

if you ask me, liquid lipsticks probably are the product of 2016 and the hype is still going strong. every brand seems to come out with their own collection and i love it. i started using them quite late because i’m always late on the band wagon and german stores are even later. when i was at sephora i had to pick some from kat von d. everyone seems to love and they have been so most hyped up product out of her make up range and to say the least, i was buzzing to try them out myself. first off all, the colour range is amazing.from nudes, to mauves, to reds and also very, very bold colours such as violet and blue. the packaging itself is very beautiful. very thin and sleek with the typical kat von d illustration. i love that i’m able to see the actual colour through the tube. it comes with a very thin applicator which makes it easy to apply. i got three shades. mother, which is my typical mauvey nude. outlaw, a very nice almost candy apple red and lolita II, a brown/orange toned nude.
i feel like all liquid lipsticks are scented and to me, the kat von d liquid lipstick scent is the most pleasant. its sweet and smells a bit like caramel or popcorn but its a very light scent and it doesn’t linger at all.
all of them are matte liquid lipstick but unlike a usual matte lipstick the formula is very light and as soon as it dries, i’m not really able to feel the lipstick. i almost forget i have it on. it also doesn’t dry out my lips and it doesn’t set in the lines of my lips. the actual colour is highly opaque and pigmented and its not too liquid which makes it easy to apply.

i personally love matte lipsticks as it is. i love how they look and i prefer them in general. matte liquid lipsticks are even easier to wear because they are not heavy at all and feel way more comfortable on a day to day basis. the kat von d liquid lipsticks are quite hyped up but to me its so worth it. the colours are amazing. they last long and are easy to apply. i feel they are worth the money and i would highly recommend them.

have you tried them before? let me know what you think and what your favourite colours are.


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