Lets catch up

hello you loves. here i am again, back at home, back with my working wifi. as you may or may not know, i was on holiday for two weeks in one of my favourite places: sweden. i tried to blog whilst i was there but the wifi at the house we stayed in the second week was horrific so i didn’t manage to update my blog which is just sad to me. so now that i’m back i thought it would be nice to catch up a bit. so here we go.
my holiday
so yeah, it was time for our annual family holiday and as a family we decided to head up to sweden again. we have been many times and its always so nice to be back. the first week we stayed at a beautiful house with sea view close to helsingborg so we could cross the öresund and head to denmark and copenhagen as well. the second week we headed up to the gothenburg area which is probably my fave and it was amazing to say the least. many posts will follow as well as a gothenburg travel guide because i would recommend it to everyone who wants a city break.
my blog
i realized a while back that blogging and making videos is my one source for pure happiness and inspiration. obviously there are a million other things which make me happy but blogging and youtube certainly is one of them and i just want to make the best of my blog that i possibly can. i have so many ideas for posts lately and besides my beauty posts i want to do way more fashion and lifestyle posts. also, i want to throw in some baking and cooking too and its gonna be amazing. if you have any suggestions, let me know.
my youtube
basically everything i said regarding to my blog is what i want to do with my channel. i also want to do weekly vlogs on there too and really put all my energy and effort into it and i’m not gonna lie, if i could grow my audience, i would be very, very happy. i just feel like i have to put more energy in the things in my life that i just love and youtube is one of them.
my life
2016 has been a very challenging year to say the least and even though i had some really lovely things coming my way everything has been such a struggle so far. i hope it gets better but instead of sitting around and moaning, i decided to just work for the things i want. one of them is finally get my body into the shape in feel confident with. i never ever felt confident with myself so its about time to change that.
so here we go. a little catch up post. if you have any suggestions for a schedule or anything like that, let me know.

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