Donnerstag, 4. August 2016

Eyelure Lashes

for some reason i find lashes to be one of the most important features of my make up and sometimes i really want to get eyelash extensions. in the mean time, i do like wearing lashes and i sometimes just wear them on a day to day basis because i love how they look. as i said before, german drugstores are rubbish. i hate them sometimes because they don't carry any nice brands, they never have good stock and i, as a beauty lover, get frustrated in them quite easily. when i popped into one a few days ago to get some pictures printed, i saw a tiny little stand with eyelure lashes and instantly needed to pick some up. i love eyelure lashes and have been getting them whenever i'm in the uk. i find they sit so well on top of my natural lashes. the glue holds them so nicely and they have a very thin band which means they blend in better.i got two different ones. the first one is no. 117 texture. they are not quite as dramatic and fan out very, very nicely at the end. they open the eyes so much more and i love them so much.
the next set is a bit more dramatic. the lashes are thicker and have more volume and it is no. 121 definition. the band is a bit thicker because there are more lashes but still really, really thin. i would wear these ones on a glam night out with either simple eyes and red lips or with smokey eyes and nude lips. either way, they are amazing.

do you have a favourite set of eyelure lashes? or is there any lash brand you prefer? please let me know because i want to get more.

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