Being a late bloomer

i am a very nostalgic person. i always hold onto moments in the past and cherish them more than my day to day life which is bad and i’m working on changing that. even though i enjoy looking back on past days, theres one time in my life i hate looking back to and whenever i get confronted with it, i just tend to ignore that time. its my early teenage years, the years i switched schools to the german version of high school. i was about 12/13 and it was hard, to say the least. this blog is not only an outlet to share my obsession for everything fashion and beauty but also to share the bad times, that made me the person i am today and give advice and talkt to people in hope someone experienced similar situations and came out of it.
obviously everyone is different. the way we mature as girls or boys into men and women is different for everybody but i have to say, i felt so left out. when i changed schools back in the day, the only thing was focused on, was doing good in school and in the sports i did. back then, i didn’t pay much attention to make up and fashion. today, i love it but back then, i just felt i wasn’t ready. it was not on my radar really. the one thing i remember is feeling like a complete weirdo. all the other girls were so into fashion and were dressing like it, used make up and had many boyfriends. back then, i was not able to imagine having a boyfriend. i was just out of place, as i wasn’t ready to bloom just yet.
back then, i thought i would never be like the other girls, boys would never like me and i would never be as pretty, as fashionable. i only got really interested in dating someone when i was around 15 and also got into clubbing, partying and drinking so super late which is okay for me now. if i could tell my 13 year old self one thing it would be to not worry as much. we are all different and being a late bloomer is not bad, not at all. who wants to grow up anyways? even though i still struggle with my way of life at the age of 22, it is okay for me now. life will figure itself out. even though my early teenage years have been hard on me, it shaped me into the person i am but at the same time i wouldn’t want to go through it again. being a late bloomer in high school is not easy.

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