A Sephora Haul

i know, i keep on taking about my holiday buuuuuut i went to sephora whilst i was there and it was excited. i haven’t been to sephora in actual years so obviously i bought myself some new make up and its only right to share all of them with you in this blog post. for any of you who prefer watching a video, i did a sephora haul over on my youtube channel featuring the items so you can either keep on reading this post or watch the video or do both. either way, i hope you enjoy it and let me know if you have tried any of the products and tell me what you think about them.
peter thomas roth skincare has been all over the blogs lately and i’m always a sucker for good skincare especially when its masks. i love doing face masks but since i have not tried any of his masks i was not up the get every single one in full size because the full sizes are massive. so i got a mask trio and it contains the cucumber gel mask, the rose stem cell mask and the pumpkin enzyme mask. can’t wait to treat my skin.
one thing i knew i wanted to get my hands on are the kat von d everlasting liquid lipsticks. everyone seems to love them and since liquid lipsticks are the thing at the moment, i wanted to get some too. i got three shades and i love all of them. outlaw is a brick red, mother a mauve and lolita II is a orangey nude. they feel so amazing on the lips. very light and easy to wear, they las ages and smell really good so i would actually love to get more one day.
too faced is one of my favourite make up brands because i loved everything i have tried so far. this time i went for the born this way foundation it the shade vanilla. sadly, it will be to dark for me in the winter but it works for now and i really, really love it. to go with it, i went to the born this way concealer in very fair and i love it. so good and so brightening.
whenever i see a nars counter, i pick up my favourite ever foundation. nars sheer glow in mont blanc. its such a holy grail to many and rightly so. no other foundation made my skin look the way it makes it look. its so glowy and radiant and just the best foundation i ever, ever used. if you haven’t tried it, please do. its worth all the hype it gets.
last but not least, i went for some sheet masks from the sephora own brand. my friend actually loves them which is why i got some for myself too. i went for the lotus face mask which is meant to moisturize and sooth and the rose face mask. this one is meant to be ultra moisturizing and brightening and i can’t wait to pamper my skin with them.
so here we go. i hope you enjoyed my sephora haul as much as i loved shopping there and i actually can’t wait to be back one day.

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