Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

Unicorn Blood

i feel like lately, there are so many new and cool brand coming up. people who do youtube and blogging bring out ranges of their own make up and i absolutely love it. kylie jenners lip kits have been everywhere and i have yet to get my hands on one. one of the make up brand that has been getting a lot of attention is jeffree star. now, i know that there has been a lot of controversy around him and i actually was quite surprised about it and i ordered my product before that drama cam up. to me, everyone has to make up their own mind about him and whats been going own. we are all viewers and i don't know him personally. i'm not quite sure if i will order from him again because of what has been going on but i don't want to give that drama a platform at the moment. so here we go with the normal review.

i love quite dark lips, i love bright lipstick, i love every kind of lipstick but i don't have many liquid lipsticks in my collection. whenever i saw jeffree star lipsticks around i always saw people raving about the shade unicorn blood so i waited for the most recent restock and picked it up myself. the lipstick retails for about 18$ and shipping was around 10$. since it comes all the way from california, i expected it to take a while but it landed at my house after one week only and i did not have to pay any customs on it. it came wrapped very securely too. the lipstick itself comes in a a tube with the iconic pink and rose gold design. the shade itself is a very dark and vampy red. such a beautiful colour especially for autumn and winter. it has a very strong scent. very sweet and a bit like licorice. i find it to be a bit sickly but i doesn't linger. luckily. the colour itself goes on like a dream. very pigmented and easy to apply and it dries within seconds. when its on, it stays and does not move. it obviously will fade and i did when i had my lunch but thats not a huge deal for me. all in all, i have to say, i really like it. the colour is amazing and i don't have anything quite like it.

have you tried any jeffree star lipsticks and what do you think about them? let me know!

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