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eyeshadow palettes are quite a special things to me. i probably own way to many but i don’t care at all. the first high end make up item i ever bought and the first item i fell head over heels in love with was the urban decay naked palette and i still have it in my collection even though it looks pretty rough and old by now. despite the fact that i have so many palettes i actually use all of them. not all at once obviously but lately there have been a few favourites for me in my collection and i thought i would share them with you in todays post and i hope you enjoy it.
urban decay has to be one of my favourite brand when it comes to eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadows in general. their quality is amazing. all the shadows are richly pigmented and buttery and blend like an absolute dream. when the urban decay naked smoky palette came out, i knew i had to have it in my life and i have to say at first i wasn’t too excited about it but lately it has been a treat. i love the glittery shadows and it has amazing blending shades in it too. i usually don’t create a very smokey look with it at all so it can be used on a day to day basis.
a brand i only really discovered the past year is too faced. i never tried any of their eyeshadow palettes before in my life and when i got my hands on the chocolate bar palette, i knew i needed more. now i own both chocolate bar palettes and let me tell you, they are amazing. probably some of the best quality eyeshadows i ever used. they blend so well and the palettes are even chocolate scented. what more could you want in life? i also think their hard case is perfect to take them places and all the colours are right up my alley.
one palette that is an absolute bargain and that i couldn’t resist is the carli bybel for bh cosmetics palette. this baby is such a dream. so cheap and yet so good. not only are the eyeshadows such amazing quality and i love all the mauve tones, the highlighters will make you glow. its so perfect.
what are your favourite palettes to use? i’m always willing to add new palettes to my collection.

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