Sunday Mood #22

hey hoo, its a sunday mood again. last week, i was at my cousins confirmation and didn’t manage to update you on my week…i’m sorry. also, i don’t have my weekly vlog ready by now because i didn’t do much and i feel like a flop. anyway, my semester is almost done and dusted and i can’t wait for summer. my holiday in sweden is coming up and i can’t wait to take you guys along with me. its gonna be helsingborg which means its my turn to visit kopenhagen and near gothenburg. i’m so ready to pack my bags and travel and hopefully you’ll enjoy the content whilst i’m on holiday. but lets not talk too much about whats about so happen, lets talk about last week.
what i did:
uni work, working and dreaming about my summer basically. i also went to ikea with my mum to finally get the last furniture piece for my kitchen and we ended up with a new table as well. i also manages to finish my gallery wall which i’m so happy about and i went back to the gym and let me tell you, it still hurts but here i am again on the fitness wagon.
what i didn’t do:
i basically got everything done i wanted to do and that makes me very happy.
what i ate:
nothing special, really. potato boxes are a huge trend where i live right now and they are so good. just mushed potatoes with everything you want. i prefer simple herb quark. if you don’t have quark where you live, i’m sorry. you are missing out.
what i want to do next week:
prepare my presentation for uni and get this done, finally.
one word to describe the past week:

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