Summer in Pink

i am quite a monochrome dresser and i always have been like that even though today outfit might not seem like it but i like to try to wear more bright colours especially since its meant to be summer…but i wear a coat because today it was so chilly. one colour i love spicing up my outfits with is light pink. i find it takes away the edge of black outfits and makes me feel very girly and feminine and i love wearing feminine items. today, i paired baby pink with white and denim. the coat is my favourite pink coat i ever owned and i got it in denmark. for some reason i love scandinavian fashion so much. its so on trend and quite laid back and effortless. i just adore it. my pink bag is from primark, years ago, and i have been wearing it so much and it still looks so good. 
Coat – Only | Shirt – Primark | Bag – Primark | Jeans – Primark | Shoes – Gift from my Mum 
My Summer Break is right around the corner and i can not wait for this semester to be over. in summer, my family always does a big family holiday and most years we pick a destination together. that might sound very posh but there are many other countries in close reach when you live in europe. this year, we will be going to sweden again, one of my favourite places in the world. we will be staying in the most stylish house right be the ocean in helsingborg which is very close to kopenhagen so multiple trips will be happening. the other week, we will travel up north and stay in gothenburg. one of my favourite cities and i can’t wait to jump in the car and take a ferry to denmark to then drive to sweden and i personally hate ferry rides so much but oh well, sweden makes me do it. i plan to put out much content when i’m there so if theres anything you want to see, please let me know. also, let me know what you are up to this summer.

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