My Mantelpiece

i always loved fire places. i love the way they warm up a room and they make everything so much more cosy. one of my biggest dream is to get a fire place one day not only because they are so cosy. they also look so nice in a living room. when i moved into my place, i knew i wanted a fake mantelpiece to make my living room appear a bit more cosy and put together. lately, i have been redecorating my living room and i also managed to figure out how i want to decorate it in order to look perfectly nice with my living room. my room is mostly white with pops of metal colours like silver and copper. i even started to add some plants into my room which is very new to me as i manage to kill everything green that comes close to me. thats why i opted for three little cute cacti from ikea. they look so cute, add greenery and are low maintenance. because i have a weird obsession with stag heads, i have a big one hanging above it. its so beautiful and was such a bargain. i bought it at christmas with the small silver one and i love both so much. for some reason, i love little lights, things that bring light but don’t make the room too bright. i got the big white star around christmas and its so pretty, the small one is from primark. in oder to have more little light around, i also have a jar filled with fairy lights and a small copper lamp which used to be my desk lamp. right now, i just adore my mantelpiece so much but i will probably change the decor every now and then as i love interior way too much.
what do you think? also, if you’d like to see more interior related posts, please let me know. also, thank you so much for your support. life has been quite challenging for me lately and this blog is my source of happiness.

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