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whilst i’m trying to type up a post about glam make up for a nice night out its actually about 30 degrees outside and its humid and i’m sweaty and i wear no make up at all because it would literally melt down my face. this day is in desperate need of a thunder storm but anyway, whenever it comes to a night out i love taking my time getting ready and really glam up my make up in every way possible. i just love it so much which reminds me that its time for a night out again, actually. today i thought i would share some of my glam make up essentials with you and maybe give you some inspiration for the next time you want to glam yourself up.
a nice foundation obviously is a must in order to be ready to hit the clubs and bars and i prefer a more dewy foundation because my skin so super dry and i like having a very glowy complexion. the charlotte tilbury magic foundation has been one of my favourites ever since it came out. its is perfect and feels very nice on the skin and actually stays put without getting patchy after a while. because i like glowy foundations i also like looking like a glazed doughnut and in order to achieve that look i like using a blush with shimmer and a liquid highlighter. sleek rose gold is the perfect shimmery blush. its a massive dupe for nars orgasm and well worth getting if you don’t have it in your collection already. whenever i know i’ll be out for longer at night, i prefer using a liquid highlighter. one i absolutely love is the kiko magnificent highlighter pen in 02. its quite a cool toned one and has such a lovely shimmer. because it is a pen its super easy to use and i love it. obviously i want to keep on glowing on my eyes i like using a shimmery cream eyeshadow stick to make sure that my eyeshadow stays put all night. the by terry ombré blackstars are my fave to do that. to add some more glitter i have these little glitter pots from primark. they are so cool as they come with glue too and are very affordable. big lashes are a must for me so i like going in with my favourite mascara which the the too faced better than sex mascara and some fluttery lashes, off course.
what are your glam make up essentials? please let me know so i can look extra good on my next night out.

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