Feel Good Essentials

i have always been a person who enjoys pamper time. i don’t need to party every single night. a good movie and a face mask will do it for me too. now that i’m off of uni, i have a lot more time to really enjoy my time and make myself feel good and relax. since i tend to worry about every single thing in life, having me time kinda takes my mind off everything that i might worry about. an essential for me when i have time to pamper myself is tea. i don’t really drink coffee but me any ma boyfriend are huge tea lovers which means that we have about a million different kinds of tea and a pretty big mug collection. my current favourite is the pukka detox tea. tastes so good and it helps me with my weird stomach a lot. my gold h&m mug obviously is my favourite at the moment. i really have a thing for gold right now and i see myself buying more gold themed items for my flat. obviously having a nice candle burning is a must. diptyque candles are my favourite and the vanille scent is just the most comforting to me. its sweet but also musky, so good. i normally don’t have time to read magazines or read a book just for fun. so when i want to pamper myself i read something i just want to read. couch magazine has been my fave laterly. its a lifestyle and interior magazine and inspired me so much.
what do you like to do when you pamper yourself and what are your feel good essentials? let me know.

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