Being Grateful

i feel like sometimes life gets overwhelming and i’m certainly a person who gets overwhelmed very easily. sometimes i just keep on thinking about the things i’d rather have or life i would rather lead that i forget to cherish the things i do have. lately, i have been trying to be a lot more grateful about life and really sit in the moment and enjoy every hour as it comes. this kind of ties in with my sadness is just a feeling post. i try to tell myself all the things i’m grateful for right before i go to sleep and it makes me feel so much better about life. so today i thought i would share all the things with you i’m grateful for.
my family
this probably is a very obvious thing to be grateful for but that doesn’t make me cherish mine any less. i’m very, very lucky to come from such a loving and close family and certainly my parents and my grand parents went above themselves all my life and support all my decisions at any time. also, i love having a younger sister who is not that young anymore. she makes me proud on a daily and its actually quite funny that we used to fight so much when we were kids and now it sometimes feels like we are twins.
my boyfriend
relationships can be hard and toxic and i had to learn that the hard way which made me anxious about loving again. thats why i’m even more grateful to be with someone who makes me smile on a daily. we just work so well together and it makes love effortless all of the sudden. he is a good one.
my health
health is important. always. i was lucky enough to never really struggle with my health until about three years ago. i might do a whole blog post about my weird stomach but i was able to figure everything out and i’m so, so grateful to be as healthy as i am and i try my best to treat my body right to make sure it is happy and healthy.
being able to go to university
university is a challenge and studying law is probably not the easiest choice i made but i have to say it really shaped me into the person i am and is also probably one of the biggest challenges. to me, education is a privilege and being able to strive for a higher education is something i don’t take for granted. 
my blog and youtube
honestly, starting this journey has been one of the best decisions of my life. i’m so thankful for all of you reading my blog and giving me a possibility to be creative on a day to day basis. i really want to make the most of my content and make it as enjoyable as i can. i’m always open for suggestions and willing to pour all my heart into it.
i was never one to make hundreds on friends but the group of close friends i have makes me so grateful. they bring out the best in me and certainly have been there for me even though i like dealing with problems on my own which can be hard sometimes. i’m happy that i have a few very close friends who feel more like family.
being grateful for what you have makes your life so much better so let me know what you are grateful for.

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