What is Love?

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before i start with todays post, how insane are these poppies? they are blooming like crazy this year and i needed to take some pictures for a bit of a different blog post which is this one and as red is the colour of love i thought it would be perfect. i am in a happy relationship. the first very happy relationship i had in my life. my first relationship was toxic and it made me feel really bad about myself for a really long time and got me in a very dark place. after i got out of it, i took my sweet time and was single and happy with it for two years, i met a couple of guys, went on fun dates but i didn’t want to be with someone, in fact, i was anxious to be with someone again as i was scared that someone would not respect me for what i was, yet again. until i met my current boyfriend which sounds so cheesy but its the truth. if you would like me to share our story i would happily write up a storm about it. yes, i am in a lucky position but when i look around me, so many of my friends are not in a relationship and feel weird about. being single and happy is a whole different story because you can be happy on your own, i was happy but when i talk to my friends about love they seem down, they feel like not being worth anything and i want to dedicate todays post to those who want to be loved and feel like its not happening for them and i hope it helps.

don’t stress it
i know, i know. i’m in a happy relationship so i don’t have to worry but love is not something that works when you force it. the flower doesn’t dream about the bee, the flower blooms and the bee comes. i have seen so many friends go into relationships just because they didn’t want to be alone and it ended to badly every single time. you can not force love. when you want to force it, it won’t happen. try to sit back and surround yourself with people that make you feel loved in a different way such as your friends and family and don’t be scared to talk about whats on your mind. it always better being open about how you feel with people you trust than letting it build up and eat you up from the inside.
don’t compromise
yes, a relationship in itself is about compromising and making sure both are happy with whatever is happening but when you meet someone and even just start talking, don’t compromise. that won’t work and i didn’t have to do it. i strongly believe that you have to value the same thing in the same way and to be completely honest looks do matter. just make sure you don’t have to change especially in the beginning.
you’ll know
i personally am very in tune with my body and feelings and when i met my boyfriend, i just knew. i knew it was right. i felt comfortable in every situation and everything worked out without any effort. to me, when its the right person, you’ll just know. the early stages of love are such a magical time and forcing and changing yourself won’t make it work. you can’t change someone, its not happening so just listen to yourself.
be happy with yourself
one of the most important thing about love, being loved and giving love is being happy with yourself. something i always have to work on as i’m very harsh with myself but giving love is not really possible when you are really not happy with yourself and your situation. it will make you hard to love which makes relationships die at some point. so just pamper yourself being single. do all the things you want to do. falling in love is easier when you are happy.
what do you think about more serious posts on my blog? i’d love to do more and would love to know what you think and if you have any topics you want me to write about, let me know.

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