Samstag, 4. Juni 2016

The Essie Blues

i think its nothing new to you that i'm obsessed with essie nail polishes. they are my love. whenever i feel down or a day is really hard, i treat myself to a nail polish...don't do that kids, you'll have a massive and ever growing collection of colours. lately, i have been loving blue nail polishes. probably not the most summer appropriate but blue is the colour of the ocean and summer holidays by the beach are the one so it kinda counts as a summer colour right? (me making excuses right here)
anyway, i decided to show you my favourite blues to put on my nails and i hope you enjoy it.

first off all is the only matte blue if you can say that when it comes to nail polishes. its a beautiful very bright blue and its called mezmerised. its such a beautiful one and looks much better on the nails than in the bottle. i feel like its a colour you'd rather leave on the shelve when you see it on the shop but its so bright and fun but at the same time it goes with everything.
from the retro revival collection i had to get starry,starry night. i featured it in my last post and i love it. it looks like a night sky and sparkles in such a lovely way. please try it out. its such a beauty and i love the golden stars on the lid.
the last one is a shimmery colour that reminds me of mermaids for some reason. weird, but its such a mermaid colour. it bell-bottom blues and its a very deep blue with a greeny shimmer. so super pretty and perfect if you don't want to go all out with the glitter. plus, its easier to take it off.

do you have any favourite essie blues or any essie colours? i'm always expanding my collection.




  1. I was just about to make the same reason as to why blues are totally a summer colour, haha! Ocean blues and star-gazing skies - definite summer vibes :) These polishes are gorgeous, I'd love to have all of them, haha! Starry, Starry Night, especially, looks great! One of my favourite Essie polishes is called Cashmere Bathrobe, it's a pretty, lightly sparkly grey colour. I love it for winter :)


  2. Ooooh!!! So pretty! The top sparkly one would be gorgeous on the ring finger! :)

  3. I love the colours and shades Essie has to offer (they're so so pretty) but the application has never done good for me. Every time I try to paint my nails with Essie, it's just streaky and dents super easily. I do love the Turned Up Turquoise by China Glaze!

  4. I only purchased my first Essie polish a couple of weeks ago in the shade between the seats and I love it, the formula and colour is amazing. These shades look so pretty too. Great review

  5. I just love Essie colors and the quality of the polish is so amazing! The tones you got here are just so pretty!
    xx, Carmen -

  6. I'm am completely and utterly obsessed with nail varnishes! I can't help but buy one when I see a pretty colour! So I'm sure that I probably have the same shade by many different brands!! These polishes are beautiful! and loved your review :) xx

  7. Essie seriously has some amazing colors. I want a whole collection of them! My favorite colors at the moment are 'tuck it in my tux' and 'muchi, much.'


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