Sunday Mood #21

what is this heat tho? i’m sitting in my room sweating like crazy because the past days summer happened. we had over 30 degrees and i even managed to get a bit of a tan by chilling out at the local lake. i could only survive it by going for a dip every 5 minutes and i loved it. it also was a week of work, birthdays and me trying to look summery which is always struggle since i’m always dressed for a funeral by always wearing black. every day. i have to work on that, i feel, but actually i just love wearing black.

what i did:
i spend most my days writing on my homework for uni. its due on friday and i’m very happy with myself. i also updated my blog design and i adore it so much and you guys seem to love it too which makes me even more happy. it was also a week of birthdays. my cat turned 2, really important and we did celebrate it, and my sister turned 16. it makes me kinda sad and happy at the same time to see my little nugget getting older. i’m a very proud sister.
what i didn’t do:
gym…its too hot and no time but as soon as my homework is handed in, imma hit the gym and work my butt off…or should i say on? 
what i ate:
fruit. when its hot i’m all about the fruit. i also started to cut out all things sugary and it was easier than i thought. i will report back on my experience.
what i want to do next week:
hand. in. that. damn. homework.
one word to describe the past week:

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