Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Sunday Mood #20

once again, happy sunday! this is the 20th installment of my sunday mood series and i'm very happy that i kept it going for so long and i don't see myself stopping anytime soon. this week has been busy and so much fun. from food and chats with friends to lots of work. my boyfriend is off of work and we made the most of it the past week whilst i tried to get lots of uni work done too. i feel like i'm so busy lately but i like it that way and my summer break is already in sight. can't wait to relax a bit more but i might try to blog daily over the summer. i'd love to step up my blogging game so let me know what you think. i also started weekly vlogging again so i hope you like seeing that.

what i did:
uni once again. i also had a lovely vapiano lunch and catch up as well as a primark trip ( haul is coming ) and some lovely time with my family and my boyfriend. this week has been busy but also quite relaxed at the same time. is that even possible?

what i didn't do:
as much uni work as i planned to do but when i'm done typing this post, i will be back at it.

what i ate:
my favourite vapiano dish. i love the mushroom pasta and i don't even like mushroom but its just so good. really weird but hey ho.

what i want to do next week:
i want to get as much uni work done as i can. also, i'm planning to redesign my blog. i found the perfect template and i hope you'll like it. i'm so super excited to spice up my little spot on the internet.




  1. Just came across your blog and love this post. Great to look back on in the feature.

  2. Love this! This camera is a dream <3

    xo xo

  3. I can't wait to see your new template

    Lauren x |

  4. Love your photography this camera is beautiful!

  5. Ah I'm excited to see your new template!! Nothing is better than a little blog redesign. I've recently done mine & it's made me fall in love with blogging even more. It's so motivating!

    Katie // Words by Katie

  6. nice post!! thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  7. Can't wait for the Primark haul! Looking forward to seeing your new template too, I keep wanting to change my blog layout but don't know what I want! X

  8. I have the same problem. Really hoping to post more often now that is summer.

    I recently found your blog and I think it's so lovely. Looking forward to read your future content.
    You have a very captivating writing style and your ideas are unique and very well put together.

    Would love some feedback on my humble blog as well if you can find a few minutes to check it out.
    Much love xx


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