Sadness is just a Feeling

first off all, thank you so much for your feedback on my new layout. i love it and seeing you loving it makes me even more happy. second off all, i’m very aware of the fact that the title can be misleading. sadness can be more than just a feeling but i don’t want to go down that route with todays post. today i want to talk about the times when sadness is just a feeling. these days, many people preach having a positive outlook on life and i’m with them on that but some of them are preaching to store away the negative and sad feelings and move on to something more positive and i honestly think that that behavior is wrong. life is all the feelings.

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i’m the kind of person that deals with most things on my own. its not because i don’t have people around i trust or that won’t help me, i just have been that way all my life which leads me to either dealing with sadness, anger and disappointment all by myself and on my own terms and because that is very hard, i tend to just avoid the feeling and move on the something else. to be clear. i’m a very grateful person, i’m thankful for everything i’ve got, for all the challenges life has for me but sometimes life is hard. sometimes i’m just disappointed by a grade. angry because i feel like someone treated me wrong or something went and i get sad sometimes too. because i’m human, because i feel. lately i have been trying to open up more. a huge step for me. to sit in the feeling and actually allow myself to feel negative feeling, to feel sadness and it helps so much. it helps me to appreciate the good things in life much more and i feel like i’m treating myself better with that. it can be healthy to swallow all bad feelings because how can feelings be bad? life isn’t only sunshine and happiness. life comes with rain and grey days and thats what makes it beautiful. its important to be positive and try to be as happy as one can but also allow yourself to be sad, angry, annoyed. its life.

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