Sunday Mood #17

happy sunday my loves. sundays are just my favourites and have been for ages. i’m currently enjoying my self made iced tea on my balcony as it feels like summer i just here. i usually sit down on sundays and schedule posts for the upcoming week, edit and plan what i want to do with myself on the internet and i love it. so i hope you your sunday is just as lovely. this week has been busy and on one hand i got so much done, on the other hand uni is just giving me a hard time at the moment and sometimes it just gets me thinking. i love what i study but its probably the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life and since i’m such a head person and over think everything i sometimes wish i settles for something a bit easier and something that wouldn’t take as long to finish but oh well. 
what i did:
blogging, filming, uni work and i had such a perfect little shopping trip with my parents yesterday. i also went to the gym multiple times and i feel great about it.
what i didn’t do:
tell my mind to shut up. i’m such a bad over thinker and i hate it sometimes
what i ate:
nectarines are finally in season…yaaaaaass. i love them and i also had a little guilty pleasure going on by drinking carbonated peach ice tea from lipton. might sound weird to many but its so good.

what i want to do next week:
film at least 3 videos, find a perfect schedule for me and my life and working but little butt off for that stupid uni project.
one word to describe the past week:

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