Bare Skin

this post is gonna be slightly different and its not gonna be as rude as the title might sound. today i want to talk about wearing make up and not wearing make up, about my bare skin and my skin just how it is and how i started feeling confident about my bare and naked face. 
to be honest, i love wearing make up. to me its just fun and some sort of art almost. i love sitting down in the morning and having my zen moments putting eyeliner and lipstick on and i only do it because i want to do it and it always has been like that. often, my love for make up gets mistaken for feeling insecure about my face and my skin or a lack of intelligence. something that makes me extremely sad and upset. pointing out eventual insecurities is just a bad habit and questioning how smart someone is by their way of doing their make up always made me question theirs. 
to be fair, i have been quite lucky when it comes to my skin. i never had to deal with some sort of acne and i normally don’t have break outs. sometimes really small ones due to my hormones but other than that my skin has been good tome all my life. its just a bit dry and gets a bit red around my nose which is fine with me. i also have had freckles all my life and i absolutely love them and like showing them as they basically get way more visible as soon as the sun comes out for the first time. when it comes to skincare, i try to keep it simple. being part of the blogging community sometimes makes you feel like you have to use three types of cleansers and two oils in order to get your skin ready for the day which i don’t think is true. i stick to what i know and love. a cream cleanser, dry oils, hydrating moisturizers and a good eye cream and thats about it. sometimes i think you have to step back a bit and really figure out what works best for your skin and make sure how to treat it right.
as i said before, confidence comes with age sometimes. i used to be very insecure about my in general and i started caking the legendary dream matte mousse by maybelline on my face which was way to orange and did nothing for me but everyone else did it and i felt left out not wearing make up to school. stupid little me. the older i got the less i cared about what people thought of my skin or me in general and as i really enjoyed being without make up from time to time, just as much as i enjoy a full face of it, i basically started going out bare faced every now and then and guess what, people judged again. because i didn’t wear make up. weird how you can’t do it right sometimes which is something that has to change. 
in the end of the day, no one else should make you feel like you’re doing something wrong with your face. wearing a full face is cool, being bare skinned is cool and everything in between too. i feel like being judged is so easy these days and it makes me so upset. i personally couldn’t care less which is why i wear make up whenever i want and the way i want and sometimes, like today, i don’t do anything to my face. sometimes i feel like being a part of the blogging community makes you feel like you always have to have brows and fleek and a sharp contour but thats not real life. sometimes i don’t want to do my make up and my hair is a mess and i don’t want to look all cute. as this is my personal spot on the internet and i want to make sure that everything i do is the real me, that i show the real me and i feel so confident on here and with everyone who reads my blog and is so lovely all the time that it felt only right to show you my bare skin. being confident with yourself should always be goal even though i still have a long way to go.

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