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A Kitchen on a Budget

i'm back again with a new kitchen post. this time its about money. since i'm a student and only my boyfriend works full time. we also live in a rented place, our first place together. i do love my flat but i do see myself moving to a bigger place within the next five years. so i didn't want to spend an awful lot on a new kitchen but i wanted it to be pretty and cute and really cosy at the same time. also, my flat is in a house which was built in the 1930s. high ceilings and hard wood floors but also most walls are a bit wonky just because the house is old. my kitchen is not the biggest room. it quite narrow and long and leads out to the balcony. we wanted enough work space but also a kitchen table to have our food or when guests are over so we focused the main work space on the right hand side of the kitchen.

5 tips to redo a kitchen on a budget

Number 1:
set your budget first. a kitchen can one of the most expensive things in any place so i would advice to plan out what you want to spend. if you can, stretch your budget a little further in case something goes wrong or you have to invest a bit more. i would also advice to go for a kitchen that works for your personal style and lifestyle. as an interior freak i love so many styles but a very sleek and modern kitchen would not work for me as i always have clutter somewhere and i want it to work with the space.

Number 2:
ask for help. to install kitchen you'll need someone who can install a sink and any other facilities the right way. hiring builders is an option but i would recommend to ask for help in your family or ask friends. you might know someone who can install a kitchen and having helping hands around is always a good thing. my boyfriend and i my dad helped me to built and sort out all the new furniture and my parents neighbor installed my sink.

Number 3:
get basic furniture and spice them up with more fancy detailing. my main kitchen furniture is from the ikea fynid line. its the cheapest and the only one where you don't have to use the metod system. each unit varies in price from only 15€-35€ and they look very nice. to make the kitchen appear more unique and better made i added a real wood work top and also a big ceramic sink and it spiced up the entire place

Number 4:
don't be scared to to a bit of diy or add furniture you didn't buy for the kitchen. as you maybe saw in my diy post, i painted a cupboard white. i also added a little end table where i want to have a bar card at some point. that way you can save a lot of money.

Number 5:
take your time when it comes to final touches and little extras. it just takes time to add the right decor and add little extras like my bar card. the most important think is to not stress yourself out with it. i always thought a room had to be completely done within days but thats not possible just take your time and have fun with it.

i hope you enjoyed this post. let me know if it helped you and if you have any other questions leave them down below.



  1. I think a very simple, minimalistic kitchen is always wonderful! That's my personal fave. Your kitchen looks so delicate, I love it <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  2. Great advice, small things go a long way!

  3. Painting it white gives it such a nice clean feel

  4. I love it so much! I am a fan of diy's, especially if one is on a small budget, doing things yourself is a great way to save money :)


  5. So simple. and cool kitchen


  6. great ideas!


  7. Aw your kitchen look's so lovely!! I can't wait to have my own place one day and decorate it however I like xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Great tips and your kitchen looks so lovely! You have done well, it's not easy in a small, rented space! Steph x


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