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5 Products worth a splurge

i love spending money on make up and splurging on high end items every now and then when i feel like i deserve a treat. over the past years more and more luxury beauty items made their way into my make up collection and out of them all, i want to show you 5 products that are well worth a splurge and that have been working so good for me.
the first one is a foundation that i just love. everything about it. its the charlotte tilbury magic foundation. this is the best. great coverage and a dewy and glowy finish. it also makes your skin still look like skin and kinda became a hype product and rightly so.
to set my foundation i only use on product and will never ever use anything else ever again. its the hourglass ambient lightning powder in diffused light. it is a setting powder but its not powdery. its glowy and kinda blurs out any imperfections you might have. many of my friends have been getting it lately and everyone loves it.
i normally only use palettes but theres one single item that i can't live without. its the by terry ombre blackstar in misty rock. this is the ultimate eye pencil and lazy product. i wear it mostly on its own and it can be a slight wash of color or ban be built up to a beautiful coverage and it stays on for absolute ages. i love it.
there has been one lipstick that i just adore. it has been on my wish list for so long until my boyfriend got it for me for my birthday. its the kevyn aucoin matte lip cream in forever. its the perfect pink for the summer. its a warm but bright pink and always looks good. it stays on lips for ages and if it fades, it fades very nicely into a beautiful wash of color.
last but not least is a candle. its the diptyque vanille canlde. i wrote a review in my las post and i have to say, yes, i would splurge on one myself. they just look so good and smell amazing.
have you any high end beauty products that are worth splurging on? i'd love to know.



  1. I really want to try the hourglass product!! <3 Lovely post

    Amelia |

  2. Candles are such a spulrge, it's literally burning your money away but they are so good you can't help it, especially Diptyque. So I'd say it's candles, I do not have that much but I love each of them.

    Selene Addicted

  3. I need that foundation, thanks for great review xoxo

  4. Great post. these products look great.

  5. I've heard SO many beauty bloggers rave about those candles. They all say they're pretty ridiculously priced, but worth it. I want to get one! I can only imagine what it smells like: which is heaven, haha :)

  6. This was actually kind of creepy because I have a post like this coming up on my blog and I've featured Misty Rock as well! My god it's such a nice shade though, those By Terry Ombre Black Stars are honestly in a league of their own.

  7. Love that red lipstick!

  8. I've always wondered about those candles. I love the vanilla scent! :)

  9. Ah, the candle looks fantastic - I have an obsession with them

    Lucy x

  10. I really want to try the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation! I've asked for the new Instant Look palette for my birthday so hopefully that will be worth the hype too! For other splurges I love YSL Touche Eclat and the NARS lip pencils :)

    The Modern Audrey

  11. I neeeeed to try the Charlotte Tilbury foundation!

    Carly @

  12. I loooove this lipstick - such a great color for summer. This foundation sounds great too - I'm definitively gonna try it out :)
    xx, Carmen -

  13. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  14. I really really wish I liked the Magic Foundation but it dried my skin out more than any foundation I have ever tried :( That candle though, I need it asap!!

    Lauren x |

  15. Great post, I love it, nice products as well, thank you for sharing!!!


  16. Perfect! I've always wondered about those ByTerry shadow sticks ^_^

    Katie | Words By Katie

  17. I really want to try one of the Hourglass powders, but haven't decided which one and also that by terry stick looks so pretty!


  18. Diptypque are my favourites!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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