what i got for my birthday

i have to say, this year i had a very blessed birthday and i really wanted to share what i got from my lovely friends and family when i didn’t really ask for anything. i personally love those kinds of posts and i hope you do too.
my main present was my new kitchen…huge i know and i will do a kitchen tour and a video about it once its decorated and i am happy with all the details. tying in with my kitchen and little home make over i got a huge box full of h&m home stuff which i will be showing in a haul over on my youtube channel because its a lot. 
the first present i got from two friends is the all so famous and much loved fujifilm instax mini 8 in white. i couldn’t believe it as i wanted a polaroid camera for so long. i think its so nice to be able to physically hold a picture right after taking it and it will be coming on so many trips with with me in the future. 
the next thing i got is the kiehls daily reviving concentrate. this is basically the day time version of my beloved midnight recovery. i love facial oils and can’t wait to use this one. another beautiful product for the eyes is the benefit its potent eye cream. i wanted to try this for ages. the packaging is beautiful and i have been looking for a good day time eye cream for ages. the friend who got me those beautiful skin care items when completely above herself and got me the diptyque vanille candle. it smells like heaven in a jar. so warm like vanilla but also a bit more musky. its amazing and i can smell it even though its not lit. i’m so happy about it and can’t wait to display it like a proud mother.
here we have some items my friends bought me and i’m so, sooooo happy with it and i am beyond thankful. do you have anything special on your birthday wish list? let me know!

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