Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Sunday Mood #11

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this week has been so hectic. wow. i have been all over the place and i'm so happy to be just sitting at my desk in my comfy pants doing what i like doing. i has to hand in my homework for uni on thursday and also the building process of my new kitchen, very exciting but also stressful. my entire house looks very messy but oh well, i'm gonna have a new kitchen on monday which is amazing. 

what i did:
being a hot mess. i worked on my homework non stop in the beginning of the week and when i was able to hand it in, i started working on my kitchen and now its almost done. i can't wait to decorate it.

what i didn't do:
much youtube and blogging wise which makes me really sad. there was only one post up but i was too busy so i hope there will be more going on next week.

what i ate:
i'm back at it again with the red grapes. they are too good.

what i want to do next week:
next week is my birthday week and i'm so excited. so i really want to make everything pretty for my birthday on friday. i'm having my friends over for brunch. i will surely blog about my big day.

one word to describe the past week:



  1. Aren't red grapes the best? Give me your motivation to complete homework please! x

    Jodie //

  2. Here's hoping your birthday week is slightly less hectic than this week! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. I really want some red grapes now haha

    Lauren x |

  4. Ohh I hope your birthday week goes great! I already want to read everything about it :)

  5. Birthday brunch with friends sounds amazing:) Hope it's less hectic than this week but no less exciting <3 xoxo


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