Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Sunday Mood #10

what a beautiful sunday it is! spring really started to roll around where i live and trees are blooming everywhere. i couldn't be happier. its also my birthday month and i can't wait for it but before i can celebrate me turning 22 ( i will be singing taylor swifts song all day btw ) there are so many things to do which is why i have been quite a bad blogger but i will try my best to get back into the blogging swing of things by next week. today we are off to celebrate my boyfriends granddads birthday. i always get really nervous when it comes to big family events but i know it will be a lot of fun. now lets see what i did last week:

what i did:
lots of things around the house, uni work and organizing. my new kitchen will be installed within the next 10 days and there was so much stuff to sort out with the builders, my land lord and everyone else. my mom and i spent yesterday morning at the garden center buying flowers to plant on my balcony and i finally got to choose the work top for my new kitchen. i can't wait to give you a kitchen tour.

what i didn't do:
blog and film much and i'm very upset about that but i have a danish fashion haul coming up and i hope you'll like that.

what i ate:
pretty healthy. i decided to not have any sweets anymore except for one day in the week and its working out so well. also, my best friend brought me some east bali cashews from bali and they are so good.

what i want to do next week:
blog, film and organize even more. i also have a uni project to hand in and i finally want to start weekly vlogging.

one word to describe the past week:




  1. Love your blog!

    Want to follow each other? Comment on my blog if you do.

  2. Can't wait to see your Danish fashion haul

    Lauren x |

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous - can't wait to see more blog posts!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. Congrats on eatin healthy! I'm looking forward to see your haul :)

  5. Lovely post, dear!! .x

  6. Aw lovely post thanks for sharing! x

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderfully productive weekend :)



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